Best ways to earn money online

Best ways to earn money online

Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to earn money online now. Therefore, if you are stuck in a dead-end job and want to change your life,

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Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to earn money online now. Therefore, if you are stuck in a dead-end job and want to change your life,

This guide will provide you with an actionable strategy that will allow you to do so.

Whether you are looking for a way to earn some extra money, a part-time job, taking up your free time or creating a full-time income stream

There are many opportunities to do it, all online and comfortably in your own home.

Earn from Blogging

If you want to make a lot of money above $ 1000, blogging is the only simple and safe way you can start.

I have dozens of blogs, including MoneyConnexion, which gives me an annual income of 7 figures.

Although it may take some time initially, trust me once you become an expert, there will be nothing like blogging that can give you time and big income freedom.

A blog is nothing more than a website where you regularly write about your favorite subject. Use some marketing techniques such as SEO to get traffic to your blog.

As traffic starts coming in, you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense or affiliate programs. Blog requires passion and a hobby.

Earn from Google adsense

Google is everything to me. I have received 90% of my total income from Google or directly from Google.

It has been over 10 years, Google regularly pays me monthly AdSense revenue. There was not a single month in the last 10 years when I did not receive revenue from Google AdSense.
To make money with AdSense you must have a website or blog. You can place AdSense ads on your website.

People visit your website and when they click on any AdSense ad, Google pays you 68% of the amount they receive from their advertisers.

And yes, you can also advertise with other ad networks like Google AdSense, but I am sure you will not be satisfied.

These are some of the best resources that will help Google AdSense.


Have you ever thought of selling your product on Amazon? Did you know that you can send Amazon products for sale? It is called the Amazon FBA.

If you find the right products to sell through Amazon, this type of business can be extremely profitable. I know that a man has a profit of about 80,000 per month on 4 or 5 products from China or China.

Amazon offers a service called Amazon Integrity (OBA), which can be very useful for intermediary sellers, or others selling their own products. If you opt for OBA, Amazon will store, select, pack and distribute your products.

This means that you can measure your arbitration business quickly as you do not need to store products in your home or waste time with mail.

Earning from Youtube

You would not know that people are earning millions from young people. Again, there is no page option, but great for those who can record and upload videos on a particular subject.

There are two types of people who can create successful YouTube channels, one that makes fun and entertaining videos, the other that can make great videos for a good audience (eg students, mothers, households, celebrities, tech geeks). General chat chat lounge

You can go through our in-person guide on making money from Youtube, where we show examples of successful people who are making money on Youtube, we shared step by step how to create a Youtube channel Have done , How to market and how to develop your own. Channels, and what resources do you need to create and promote videos.

My friend Gaurav started teaching UPUC on UTA Channel Academy, he became so successful that he now turned it into an education online education startup and recently raised money from VC.

Earn From instagram and Facebook

There is no limit to the earning potential through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hey I’m not kidding. There are people out there who charge up to Rs 20,000 for just one tweet or Facebook post. Now shut your mouth, it’s true.

Here are some ways I am familiar with making money through Facebook. I myself paid money directly to promote my content on Facebook pages (not to be confused with Facebook ads).

Social media fan base is an asset for such people, most of them in entertainment domain. People related to fashion and entertainment domains can monetize their Instagram page.